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New: Vinyl Fencing

GWF is proud to release our new Advanced Vinyl insert series! Like all GWF fence products, our Vinyl fence inserts are tough and built to last season after season. All Vinyl fences are stain resistant, pest proof, rot proof, UV resistant, and come backed with our 20 Year Limited Warranty. Similar to our Composite fence inserts, they are simple to cut and install using our custom-made all Aluminum fence posts. Upgrade your property, and safety, today with a new Vinyl fence from GWF and be the envy of your neighborhood.

Vinyl Woodgrain Walnut Elite Deluxe Privacy
Vinyl White Smoke Classic Privacy
GWF Vinyl Inserts (3)
GWF Vinyl Inserts (10)
GWF Aluminum Swing Gate with Charcoal Aluminum Infills

Choose Your Matching Gate

Our Aluminum and Composite Gate Kits are the perfect matching companion to your Composite Fence. Engineered from the ground up, our gates are built to withstand all weather environments and are impervious to destructive pests like termites. GFW gates also feature customizable, swappable colors options using our versatile installation system, providing superior customization of new fences. 

Aluminum Gate Sandy Birch Aluminum Boards
Aluminum Gate Cedar Aluminum Boards
Aluminum Gate Silver Grey Aluminum Boards

GWF Financing

Invest in the beauty of your property & increase its value, today!

We understand that upgrading or replacing a fence can be a lot for any homeowner or property manager to think about all at once. 

This is why we now partner with Acorn Finance, where you can choose the best loan for your home improvement project.

Pre-qualify and receive funds as early as 1-2 business days!*

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About Greenwood Composite Fences and Gates

Modern Composite Fencing is Durable, Pest Resistant, Waterproof, and Highly Customizable.

Greenwood Fence is a distributor of high quality modern European style fencing for the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Looking for a fence that combines aesthetics with durability and requires very little maintenance? Then welcome to wood plastic composite (WPC) fence solutions, an increasingly desirable, modern and practical alternative to more traditional fence options such as lumber.

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Why Choose Composite Fencing Material

Our Composite Fencing is made from 90% recycled materials with no toxic additives or preservations.

A Greenwood Fence™ is a WPC fence system that is created by combining WPC fence boards with highly decorative aluminum posts and coverings. The result is an incomparably elegant and simple functionality fence. View our gallery to see some of the stunning customizable looks that can be created to compliment any project application. A Greenwood Fence™ has the versatility to meet almost any creative preference or need.

Discover The Durability of Composite Fencing

GWF WPC Insect
GWF WPC Impact
GWF WPC Durability
GWF WPC Waterproof
GWF WPC UV resistant
GWF WPC Splinter
GWF WPC Rotting
GWF WPC Maintenance

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