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Update your Fence to a Termite-proof Solution with Greenwood Composite

Composite fencing vs Wood Fencing

Battling against a landscape of bugs in your yard, termites can be quite challenging for homeowners residing in warm climates. Termites cause massive damage to wooden fences, even to the point of complete failure. Now with technology on our side, many consumers are seeking an efficient alternative that will put an end to this problem. Greenwood Fence has heard your plea and is proud to offer our state-of-the-art composite fences and gates!

The materials used in our composite fencing is not even edible to termites, making the days of rotted out fences and posts a thing of the past. Also with no extra soft-wood food supply, ground termites are less likely to colonize and spread on your property, which could save you thousands in costly foundation repairs.

In addition to being termite proof, Greenwood Composite fences and gates will never rust because we use aluminum in our metal components. A greenwood fence is quite possibly the last fence you’ll ever need to buy, making your investment last much (much) longer than a wood fence.

Investing in a Composite Fence

Greenwood Fence’s approach goes beyond simply providing you with just pest-resistant barriers. Backed with our 20 year limited warranty, our fence parts and gates are constructed using top-notch aluminum materials known for its rust-free lifespan. Every single aspect from the ground up was made to last.

Not Just Pest Resistant, but Good Looking Too

We believe in providing not just superior functionality, but also aesthetic flexibility. Our composite fence panels come in a variety of colors and orientations to meet your tastes. From rustic browns that blend seamlessly with nature to contemporary grey hues that enhance modern home designs, the choice is yours.

Upgrade Your Home With A Composite Fence

It’s time to make the switch to composite: your long lasting, high-quality fence upgrade by Greenwood Fence. Contact us today to find out more on how to get your composite fence installation in motion!

Greenwood Fence is a premiere provider of Luxury Composite Fencing. We ship nationwide, contact us today for a quote. 

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