Get Ready to Explore the World of Composite Fences at FENCETECH 2024

FENCETECH 2024 Composite Fence

Are you a fence contractor, DIY home improvement enthusiast, or someone just considering installing a new fence? If so, mark your calendars for January 22-26, 2024 because the highly anticipated FENCETECH event is coming to Nashville, Tennessee! With over four thousand fence professionals gathering annually, this event promises an exciting showcase of cutting-edge products and industry expertise.

One booth that you don’t want to miss is ours! Greenwood Fence’s will be displaying our impressive composite fence and gate lineup at booth 606.

The Future of Fencing

Traditional fences have their limitations when it comes to durability and maintenance- we all know this. This is where composite fencing steals the spotlight – being known for its low-maintenance requirements without compromising on aesthetics or strength. Compared to wood, Composite fences hands-down offer better weather resistance while sustaining structural integrity over time.


FENCETECH provides an unparalleled opportunity for both professionals in the field and DIY enthusiasts looking for inspiration or practical advice about enhancing their outdoor spaces using modern fencing solutions like composites.

  • Product Showcases: At FENCETECH events across multiple booths spread throughout halls dedicated solely to fencing products, visitors get exclusive access to witness advancements firsthand.
  • Networking Opportunities: Meet fellow enthusiasts within the industry who are eager to share experiences as well as innovative ideas regarding different types of fences.
  • Educational Sessions & Workshops: Experts from various fields will host seminars covering topics ranging from design concepts through installation techniques.
Visiting Greenwood Fence’s Booth

If you’re interested in composite fences offered by Greenwood Fence, be sure to find our booth on the event map before arriving. Greenwood Fence’s setup will feature examples of our composite fence and gate designs. We’ll be able to give insights into installation methods, maintenance guidelines.

For contractors, we will also and have information on partnering with Greenwood fence. We now ship to our partners Nationally for composite fence installations. Our partners receive wholesale rates for great margins and are on the inside track for installation leads we receive for their territories.

See you in Nashville!