Greenwood Fence – Composite Fence Care – Maintain Aesthetics

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Spring is now here!  As with most outdoor building materials, Spring and Fall are the best times to care for your Composite Greenwood Fence (GWF).  GWF recommends cleaning the Composite Fence Boards with a combination of a gentle dish soap, hot water and a soft, non-abrasive bristle brush or cloth.  For the Aluminum Posts and Rails, we recommend using the same cleaning combination applied with a sponge.  Before the cleaning process begins, hose down any surface debris that may have built up.  While cleaning your Composite Fence, be sure to thoroughly rinse all soap off and dry all remaining water rinse before the sun does.  Letting the sun dry the surfaces can result in a slight haze, left behind by water mineral residue, that will need to be cleaned again.  The optimal cleaning times for your composite fence are when sunlight and heat are at off-peak hours (typically, early morning or late afternoon).